7 Days Tidal Predictions



We Are

Located in the

NE corner of Marble Cove.



                           Waypoint –         N 45° 16.253 ~~~~ W 066° 05.311


There are about 60 berths alongside the wharves, visitors and those who are waiting for slack water at the Reversing Falls are welcome and a berth will be made available upon request.

Water & Power

( 110 -/- 15 amp service ) is available on the wharf.


CHS  Small Craft Charts required – 4141 and 4142

A buoyed channel about 40 feet (12 m) wide and dredged to a depth of about 7 feet (2.1 m) runs along the north shore of Marble Cove between ruined wharves and a boat mooring facility on the north side, and a row of private red buoys on the south side. 
Local knowledge and assistance in piloting the falls
 will be made available by our members at the Saint John Power Boat Club.
Club Phone number:(506) 642-5233

A small fee is charged for overnight tie up.


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